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Documentation of DataHubInitializationCompletedEvent

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We use DataHubInitializationCompletedEvent to run code that needs the datahub up and running. It seems to work fine. However, it seems is not a good basis for sound software development, even if an official example uses the same event in FeetionListener.

  • Is there a documentation of DataHubInitializationCompletedEvent somewhere? * I think would be a good place

  • The name is a bit misleading, initialization in the hybris world usually means a one time thing, clearing the database, etc.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is no documentation on it as far as I know. Yes, I agree, it should be documented with the Data Hub Events page. The name is a bit misleading, although the Data Hub is not the hybris platform ... but it is a good point.

DataHubInitializationCompletedEvent is fired after all of the extensions have been loaded into the Data Hub and the spring application context has been refreshed after orderly loading all of the 'spring extension beans'.

There is still some minor 'initialization' happening after the event is fired (some metadata caching, etc..), however, it does mean that at this point the Data Hub has been 'initialized' and all of the spring beans are ready to be used.

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