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Distributing the Leads to My Open Tasks

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Hi Experts,

We are working with CRM WebUI. We have option of distributing the leads to employees via Distribute process in the Lead Header.

We would like to receive the distributed lead on the employees My Open Tasks List once employee has been selected in the distribution process.

Please note employee BP has already been assigned the user name i.e. SAP User Name.

Do we have any standard workflow or BAdi which can help me achieve this?

Best wishes, Sanjay

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Sanjay,

here are my hints. The leads are not the same bussines object as the tasks, so they won't be selected for display on the homepage in the My Open Tasks.

There are more Options: have a saved search for the employes, and select all open leads. The saved searches are displyed on the homepage, and there is just 1 step more to be executed to get to the search result of the open leads.

Then you could develop a new view for the homepage, which is displaying the list of the open leads and integrate it on the page.

Have fun,


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