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Displaying Video file in the E-Commerce

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I need to display video file in the E-commerce according to the item.

I created a document type and a template in the CRM, and I can see the video file.

I succeeded to publish the video file, but I can't see him in the E-Commerce (I see only the image and the thumb).

Is there an option to display video files in the E-Commerce ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ofir,

This is stanard functionality.

Multimedia objects, such as images, video/sound files, or texts can be assigned to each product. After replication, these documents are displayed with the corresponding products in the Web Catalog.

All multimedia content must be published to the web server.

Each document is saved under a document ID and classified according to the dype (i.e. thumbnail or video). As like other multimedia content, it can be language specific or not.

Here are some additiona configuration information for you.

SAP Menu : Master Data -> Product Catalog -> Maintain Product Catalog

1. In the Product Catalog field, enter PRODUCT CATALOG.

2. In the Catalog Type field, enter Manual and automatic assignment.

3. Choose Change.

4. Check the status is Inactive.

A yellow light bulb indicates that the status is Active. To set the status to Inactive, click the light bulb and a gray light bulb appears.

To add new products to your product catalog, you must first deactivate the status on all levels.

5. In the Object name screen area, select your product catalog.

6. Choose Expand all.

7. Double-click the catalog area to which you want to manually assign your objects..

8. Check that all products are set to inactive.

8. In the Item list, double-click the product.

9. The selected product is shown below in the screen area Item Details.

10. Choose the Item Documents tab.

The tab page Product Documents provides information about which objects are already assigned to a product in the product master. This means that these objects cannot be changed in the product catalog, they can only be changed in the product master.

11. Choose the folder CRM_IMAGE or CRM_THUMB or CRM_VIDEO and choose Import document. Browse for the multimedia object that you want to assign to the product.

12. Select the object (picture) and choose Save.

13. Choose the tab page Properties to set this multimedia object as language-independent, set the field Language-Independent(Prod) = Yes.

This field controls the publication of documents in catalog variants depending on the language. This means that the document is valid for all languages in which the catalog is published.

14. Save your entries.

Please make sure that all catalog levels / products are activated and then publish to the web server.


Edited by: Deborah Corsi on Jan 29, 2009 3:35 PM

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Deb,

Thanks you for your answer.

I succeeded to publish the video file (I see him in the log and in the Web Server).

I don't see him in the E-commerce, I see only images.