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Displaying Images in the E-Commerce B2B Application

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Hi All,

I have added some thumbnails to Products and i replicated the product catalog with all require settings like publishing id, but still the image is not displaying. I have added bitmap image.

Please let me know How exactly we have to upload the images in to product and what will be the require settings to display the images in the CRM ISA Application.

Thanks in Advance...

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Koti,

Regarding the distribution of the product catalog, there are 2 parts :

- The product catalog (structure, texts, ...) is replicated to the index server. The settings for replication are done via SRMO.

- The catalog may also contain multimedia objects such as images, sound files... Those data are replicated to a specific folder of the web server. To replicate and publish these datas, you must define HTTP and FTP settings.

following transactions are used for replication / publication :

- initial replication : comm_pcat_ims_init

- update replication : comm_pcat_ims_upda

report com_pcat_imsd_cp_show gives you all changes taken into account in update replication

- single replication : comm_pcat_ims_single

replication logs are found in transaction SLG1.

Pay attention to the fact that the documents are language dependant.



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Are these new to CRM 5.0?

We're still using 4.0sr1

Currently, we use COM_PCAT_MASS_DOC_IMPORT via transaction SE38 to mass upload images and therefore the items to our catalog, but haven't seen a way to update images.

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Mike Anecito

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What type of images can we upload in to product catalog i mean whether CRM 5.0 ISA allows .jpg or .BSP pages. can we upload direct images to product and by replicating product catalog this will shown in the ISA Application or we have to do any other settings. i tried with assign a .jpg image to the product and again i replicated the product catalog, for this http settings are required, if yes please let me know where to check whether http settings are done or not.

If any body is having documentation how to display images in product catalog in ISA please share to me.

Thanks in Advance..

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If you have an image/thumb attached to the Product it will display on the catalog, but not the other way around. I would love to have a way to mass upload images to the product, but have not seen a way, for our purposes, it's easier to upload to the catalog.

In 4.0sr1, there are two check boxes for delta replication of the catalog. We only check the Transfer Document Content, not Publish Docs via HTTP

I usually just hit F1 on the field to see what Help is built into the system. Both of these have good documentation.

Go to SE38 and review the program COM_PCAT_MASS_DOC_IMPORT

Here's the Help for that program in CRM4.0sr1:

Short text

Mass import of documents for product catalog items


Mass Import of Multimedia Documents for Product Catalogs


This report enables you to automatically import multimedia documents that are already available in a file system and assign these documents to product catalog items. The items are identified using a product number. An item is created if a corresponding one is not available.

A simple text file, which can be created using the normal spreadsheet programs or simple text editors, is used as a basis for the import. This text file should be made up as follows:

The first line is ignored, its content is insignificant and can, for example, contain the headings of the columns. The remaining lines correspond to the document that is to be imported and contain 3 to 4 columns with:

1. The product number of the catalog item that the document is to be added to

2. The number of the catalog area in which the item is located or in which it is to be created if it has not yet been created

3. The complete file name, including the path of the document that is to imported and assigned. Make sure that the import takes place on the frontend, that is the frontend must be able to read the file from a specified path

4. The document type of the document. This specification is optional, make sure that the document type for the catalog is valid for your application (that is to say that a corresponding folder for templates, for items of the catalog type is available)

Two formats are supported for dividing columns: "Tab-delimited", that is the columns are separated using tabulator characters or "comma separated", that is the columns are separated using semi colons (or another character that is not used in the column contents).


Required parameters are the product catalog and the name of the text file that contains information about the documents that are to be imported.

You can determine that all documents are to be considered as language-independent, with the "language-independent documents" parameter. You can specify a language in the field "document type" if the indicator is not set.

The "file format" parameter enables you to inform the system which format the text file has. You can use another separators in addition to the semi colon that is suggested as a default for: "comma separated values"

If you set the "Delete catalog contents" parameter, all of the catalog items are deleted before the import.

If you set the "Subsequently activate items" parameter, all of the items are activated after the import.


Example for constructing a "comma separated values" file:

Product number;Catalog area;File;Document type

100001;AREA1;C:\My Documents\Images\100001_small.gif;CRM_THUMB

100001;AREA1;C.\My Documents\Images\100001_large.jpg;CRM_IMAGE

100002;AREA1;C:\My Documents\Images\100002_small.gif;CRM_THUMB


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