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Disable field(s) in backoffice based on a property in admin console

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I have a property , for example : disable.mediaFolder.field , which can be set to true in hybris admin console or When I load custom context corresponding to backoffice, I want to disable the fields based on this property.


<wz:content id="step1.content">

<wz:property-list root="abc" merge-mode="replace">

<wz:property qualifier="name" type="java.lang.String" />

<wz:property qualifier="mediaFolder" type="Media" editor="com.ab.mediafoldereeditor"/> </wz:property-list> => disable this


Please let me know if this is possible by injection of any bean , or any other way

Tried this approach:

<editorArea:attribute qualifier="xyz" readonly="spring.getBean('configurationService').getConfiguration().getBoolean('')"/>

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In other words, disable a text box based on a property in admin console

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