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Difference between Service Contract and Service Quote

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Hello All,

I need to know the difference between service contract and service quote in SAP CRM service, also if I need to create a service quote what is the standard transaction type to create a service quote.

Kind Regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Atul,


In many products, the customer would like to get a price quote from various vendors before they make the purchase decision. The customer request is put in as a Quotation. Then a sales person is assigned to this quote. The prices of one or more products are sent to the customer in form of a quote. And if the quote is accepted, a purchase order is given by the customer and a sales oredr is created by the supplier.


A contract in CRM service comes after the Quotation process. If the customer has decided on a particular vendor/supplier for its requirements, then it proceeds with that supplier in the form of a Contract which involves legal agreement and details like supply, price, period of contract, etc.

SCQ is the standard transaction type of  standard service contract quotation.

Hope your querry is answered.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Atul

Service contract can be a followup document of a service contract quoatation.

Service contract quotation is a document where you give list of service and estimate of prices for those services to the customer and once the customer accept the quoatation then you ceate an actual contract with the customer.

Service contract defines the validity , actual prices , SLA's  etc

The transaction type of  standard service contract quattaion is  SCQ.