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Determine Partner and Partner2 (Contact) details within controller class.

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We have added some contact fields, like email and telephone number to task screen of an account. When the user enters the contact person details (via a lookup table) I would like to populate the appropriate tel No and email address of that contact into the newly added fields. I have a function module which returns the appropriate Tel No./email details based on the Account BP and contact BP, but I need a process to determine what these are at runtime. Both the Partner and recipient fields (Tel No. and Email) are in different context nodes, so I assume that I need to perform any code to update these in the DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT method of the controller class.

I have enhanced the view and have a Z controller class, and also have my own copy of the DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT, but I have not got a clue where or how I can obatin the Account BP and Contact BP, assuming that contact has been entered.

The component is BT125H_TASK and view being BT125H_TASK/TaskDetails, with the contact field being called PARTNERNO and residing in the context node BTPARTNERCONTACT. The other fields/attributes are in the BTACTIVITYH context node.

I know how to set the values for the Tel No. and email address if I can determine the Account BP and contact BP.

Can anyone be of assistance?.

I'm currently debugging the process to see if I can determine where this data might reside.


John Sapora

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Hi Jon,

I think you would get a better response to your query in this forum [CRM Webclient UI - Framework|;