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Determination of Sales Organization in the ticket

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Hi all,

can someone please explain me how the determination of sales organization in the ticket work? (see picture)

I already know that the sales data can be defined in:

  • the account - sales data
  • the employee - sales data
  • orgmodel - org unit- distribution channels

I also assumed that the sales organization is listed in the involved parties, where I can also maintain determinations. However, I cannot find it there (see picture).

But what I found is that the sales unit is determined from the account's sales data (see picture).

How does the logic work if multiple sales data are defined in the account (one sales data for company1, another for company2 ...)? How does the system finds the sales organization then?

Fyi: I also activated "sales area determination" in the scoping for service, but I don't know how to use/ set it up.

Thank you for every help!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Deborah,

We have introduced a new option for Ticket Sales Area defaulting in the Business Congiguration for Ticket in 16.11. Sales Area of Ticket is defaulted based on the following logic when this option is selected:

1.Intersection Account Sales Data and Employee Sales Data

I.Compare match of Sales Org. + Distribution Channel + Division

II.Compare match Sales Org. + Distribution Channel

III.Compare match Sales Org.

2.Employee Sales Data: Default user’s employee sales data

3.Intersection Account Sales Data and Sales Org of Employee Assignment: compare Sales Org. only

4.Account Sales Data only

5.Sales Org of Employee Assignment



Hello Suman,

thanks for your answer! That's a quit complicated logic. I have 3 other questions popping up my mind on this topic.

1st Question:

I tried to test/ understand the logic you described. Therefore, I created two tickets in order to simulate the first criteria in the logic (intersection account sales data and employee sales data).

Scenario 1 is a ticket with a customer (having 2 sales data stored, one for company1 and another for company2) and with an employee (having sales data for company 1 stored).

→ the sales area determination has entered the data from company1 → perfect

Scenario 2 is a ticket with the same customer (having 2 sales data stored one for company1 and another for company2) and with an employee (having sales data for company2 stored).

→ the sales area determination has entered the data from company1 as well → that is not what I was expecting/ what I want the system to do

Why does in Scenario 2 the sales data from company2 is not chosen?

2nd Question:

Is it possible to just define the sales area determination depending on the employee’s sales data? Or just depending on the Sales Org of Service Technician Assignment?

3rd Question:

Does the sales area in the ticket is initially updated once the ticket is created and then it stays fix (compared to the logic in ERP)? Or does the sales area data can change after initial creation?

So many question, I’m sorry Suman. I’m looking forward to your response!

Thanks so much,


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Dear Suman,

we close to the go-live and have the same issue. How can we influence the sales area determination depending on the employee's sales data only?

Additionally we do not find this field in Fiori, so that the work-around to make this field visible and change manually is not working.

Kind regards,


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Hello Suman,

Where in Business Configuration can I find setup which you mentioned?

Please support.

Thank you



Hi sylwiajurczenko ,

You can find it in "Fine Tuning Activities"--> "Tickets for Customer Support" --> "Maintain Involved Parties". Here you can click on "Maintain Determination" button to define the setup.


More details can be found here:

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