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Desktop Connection - Time range of Tasks, Appointments

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Hi everybody,

is there a possibility to change the time range (or time frame) of any tasks or appointents.

The standard configuration for Activities lies at 14 days in future and past from today.

The issiue is, that we would like to change this configuration to any possible time range i.e. for 360 days instead of 14.

Thanks for your help in advance guys!



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Hello Osman,

yes this is possible via adjustment of the customization package (CP), used. Time range is defined as filter settings in CP, file connector_configuration.xml. See shapshot below:

<type id="AppointmentMain">

        <group link='or'>

             <group link='and'>

                 <binary field="End" condition="ge">

                     <value type="integer">-15</value>


                 <binary field="Start" condition="le">

                     <value type="integer">15</value>


So above, you can see the time range settings which you can adjust by changing the figures. However, I would be careful to change this to a very big range. You could run into performance issues if thousands of activities would now be selected due to the big date range, defined.

I would recommed to check data volumne first either by executing corresponding advance search in crm web client ui in order to check the number of hits.



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Thank you Michael!

And also thanks for your effort too Jorge!

Best Regards!