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designation in CRM

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Hi All.

how to find designation and roles assigned for a BP in CRM

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Dear Sharmaji,

Pl understand, Designation is no more in SAP CRM: Where as SAP CRM having Role as well as Positions:

To remove the confussion:

Ex: Role is employee and Position may be VP or CEO or COO or CFO etc.

One role may have number of well as one position might have number of roles.

Coming to Transaction Codes # PPOMA_CRM will do.

/nBP to create BP role where as PPOMA_CRM for org model assignment task.

PPOMA_CRM = here you can see assigned position to Respective Employee role.

Hope it works...

Pl check and confirm once.


Prashant Mankar

SAP CRM Competency

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Hi Sharma,

As per your question, " how to find out designation and role assigned to a BP ?"

The answer is designation is nothing but the Posn. Holder which has been assigned to the Posn. in Org. Model. To see it,

you can use T.code# PPOMA_CRM and select you Org. Unit and check the posn with posn. holder.

And coming to Role , it can be BP Role which can be accessed by t.code# BP

or if it is Business Role in IC-WebUI then t.code is # crm_ui_profile to check ur Business Role....

For any queries related to it please put your question very clear and spcific.....

Thanks & Regards,

Ajit Sekhar Nayak

SAP-CRM Consultant,

Wipro Technologies,

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What do you mean by a Designation for a Business Partner? Is that something special for your Business Requirement? In general every business partner has a Role assigned to it.

To check the Role of a Business Partner - there are 2 ways to do so.

1. SAP GUI - you can open the business partner through the BP Transaction. Open the desired Business Partner and then on the top right hand side you will get the Roles assigned to the Partner. You can have multiple Roles assigned to a Business Partner.

2. In the Web Client UI - You navigate to Accounts and open the Business Partner. There you will get the Roles Assignment Block which will tell you about the Roles.

And Technically in the System, you will get all the Roles from the Table BUT100.

Hope this helps.



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If you mean BP roles you get them on BUT100 table.