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Deleting a Code group

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I created a code group in SPRO > CRM > Basic Function > Catalogs, Codes and Profiles. I choose catalog W and created an entry and saved the record. The record was then deleted but now I wish to add the same record back in again but an error appears saying “An entry already exists with the same key”.

I have carried out some investigation and I have noticed that the record is still in table OPGR but is flagged as inactive.

Could anyone tell me how I can add this entry back in?



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You can try to set the Inactive key as blank instead of 'X'.

1. Display the records in QPGR table, tick the record that you want it to be active.

2. Type <b>/h</b> at the command field to start debugging.

3. Click on the "spectacle" to display the ticked record.

4. Program will stop at line <b>"if sy-ucomm <> 'FNAM'."</b>, press F7 once,

5. now program will stop at line <b>"loop at idd05m_tab_a."</b>, press F7 again.

6. Lastly, program will stop at <b>"if code = 'SHOW'."</b>.

7. Double click the "code" and change its text from "SHOW" to "EDIT".

8. Proceed with F8.

9. Now the record is editable. Take out the 'X' in the inactive column and Save the record. Now you can get back your record.

Hope that this help you.