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Default Width of first table column in matrix question (c4c survey)

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Hi all,

is it possible to change the default width of the first table column in a matrix question inside a c4c survey?

The column with the questions is very small and needs to be adjusted manually every time I open the survey (in order to completely read it).

Thanks for feedback.

Best regards,


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Hi Deborah,
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Sorry, I didn't include the question in previous comment. Could you solve this? I am facing the same issue. Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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When hoovering on the i symbol behind the matrix option on the 'header' of the survey you will see the following message:


Although i do not know the details of your survey, make sure your question (max 20 positions), answer options are fitting and corresponding with the possiblities that exist. Maybe you should choose a different set up for your survey as it is not necessarily suitable for all scenarios.




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Hi Deborah,

Could you solve this? I am facing the same issue.

Thank you.

Best Regards,