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Default Contact person(CP)

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Hello All ,

I am lookong for field in R/3 that can mark CP as default.

We have R/3=> CRM replication.

Customer may have more than one CP.In CRM I can mark one of them as default (default relationship)

How can I update this field (BUT050-XDFREL) from R/3 ?

Thank you


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Answers (2)

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The update of field BUT050-XDFREL is done by downloading the Contact Person Relationships via Object BUPA_REL.

Contactpersons assigned to a customer in R/3 are created as business partner in the CRM system and linked to this customer via a relationship of the relationship category BUR001 (Contact Person Rel.ship).

Ofcourse you need to have setup the correct sites, subscriptions in the adminstration console etc via transaction SMOEAC.

Site= OLTP R/3

Subscription: All Business Partner Relationships (MESG) subscription

Replication Object = BUPA_REL

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Thank you for response,

We did all settings for R/3 - CRM replication and it works fine. Object bupa_rel is already downloaded.

If I create a new CP in R/3 it automatically replicated to CRM.

I am just looking to corresponding field for "Default relationship" (BUT050-XDFREL ).

In other words: If customer has more than one CP how can I marked one of them (<b>in R/3</b>) to be default in CRM.

Thank you

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Dear Rika,

The field XDFREL in the table BUT050 is for the relationships of the

Category 'contact person is of' used in order to display that a contact

person is the 'main contact person' of a business partner.

The SAP R/3 flag KNVP-DEFPA corresponds with field IS_DEFLT_PARTNER

which is found in table CRMM_BUT_FRG0081.

Regards, Gerhard

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Thank you for quick answer ,

Field CRMM_BUT_FRG0081-IS_DEFLT_PARTNER has not functionallity I need.

I need BUT050-XDFREL to be updated from R/3. Any ideas?