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Decoding IPC ABAP Routine

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Dear IPC Gurus,

I am new to IPC 7.0. I need to decode the following ABAP Pricing useriexit for "RQT"


sy-subrc = 4.

IF komk-vbtyp = 'H' OR

komk-vbtyp = 'K' OR

komk-vbtyp = 'L'.

sy-subrc = 0.


IF komk-vbtyp = 'C' and

( komp-matnr = '000000000004005352' or

komp-matnr = '4005352' ).

sy-subrc = 0.



I have created a Java class extending the interface RequirementAdapter and I am trying to code my checkRequirement method.

public boolean checkRequirement(IConditionFindingManagerUserExit item, IStep step, IAccess access) {

I don't see any methods like item.getDocumentCategory(). Can you please advice how I can check the values of komk-vbtyp and komp-matnr.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The VBTYP you are using represent the following types of transactions:

H - Returns

K - Credit memo request

L - Debit memo request

C - Order

In your case, you don't have to explicitly check for the conditions H, K and L. The code is redundant. The check for VBTYP = C can be easily substituted by corresponding Transaction type in the CRM. But the if condition will be little "longer". For example VBTYP = C may require checks to multiple transaction types. The transaction types can be obtained by checking the item attribute "PROCESS_TYPE". In AP 7.00, for item attributes, you can generally use the method getAttributeValue if they are a part of the attributes in the maintained in the configuration for the userexits. For example:


to get pricing indicator. For other item specific attributes such as Net Price etc, you should refer to the Javadoc (API)

Easwar Ram

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Hi Easwar Ram,

I am new to IPC 7.0 and struck with some questions regarding the IPC. There is this piece of code in ABAP routine:

   select single pstyv from YSE_GP_CALC_PSTY into lv_pstyv
      where pstyv = komp-pstyv.

The 'PSTYV' as defined is for Sales Document Item Category. I could not find anything in Java relevant to this field. How do we get the value of 'PSTYV' in our JAVA routine.

Ques 2 : Also some of the ABAP pricing procedures makes calls to some Function Modules. How do I move forward for the conversion of these calls ?

Thanks in Advance



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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hi surya,

i am not sure that there is some default method to get document category.

but if it is not there you can send that as an additional attribute using the crm_cond_com_badi.

thanks and regards

shanto aloor