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Debugging - Process flow control

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Hi All,

I am doing initial load for one condition object(R3AS), and when I check SMW01 I am getting BDoc validation Error.

I want to debug the BDoc flow context i.e MI0(validation function module) where Bdoc posting is failing.

I followed OSS note- 432661- Debugging and process support of flow control: Enhancement

Here is the Note:



Error analysis requires debugging flow control services.

Other terms

SMW01, Flow Control, BDOC, BDoc, BDoc Message, Flow Service, Update task, qRFC step, asynchronous step

Reason and Prerequisites

Error analysis requires debugging flow control services.


This feature is available with CRM 3.0 starting SP04 and higher releases.


• The flow header structure SMW3_FHD is extended to hold a flag indicating debug mode. To debug, set this flag before calling CL_SMW_MFLOW=> PROCESS_OUTBOUND (Parameter IN_HEADER, Field DBGMODE), PROCESS_NOTIFICATION (Parameter HEADER, Field DBGMODE) or PROCESS_NOTIFICATION_MULT (Parameter HEADER, Field DBGMODE). If update task and/or asynchronous tRFC/qRFC step is done, the message is not written into a qRFC queue or tRFC. Instead the message get's a new state 'D01': To be processed (Debug).

The message processing can then be continued from transaction SMW01.

• Select messages in state D01 possibly with bdoc type, send date, creation time, and user.

• In the list display check the message check box that you want to debug.

• Choose function Retry to process.

The message will be processed by flow service function modules in the order shown in transaction SMO8FD. Processing occurs directly. Therefore all active breakpoints can be used to stop processing for further analysis.


I set HEADER-DBGMODE = ‘X’, and passed this structure to CL_SMW_MFLOW=> PROCESS_OUTBOUND

But none of the message is set to ‘D01’. Anyone have idea where I am missing?

I basically want to debug this validation function module while Bdoc comes in CRM, Any other way other than this OSS note..?


Vijay Raheja

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Answers (1)

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what the description of the error?

Give details. Just by saying bdoc validation error does not nelp.

Click on the error details icon and see wat it says.

let us know then only can we help