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datahub, remove processed canonical and raw items after publication?

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I have this question.

Once raw and canonical items have been succesfuly published into hybris from the datahub, is it recommended to remove those items from the datahub? My understanding is once both set of item types has been processed, they are ignored on any further datahub push event, so old data does not interfere with new data being pushed and processed by the datahub.

I am correct?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Fernando, It depends on the need to keep historical data. If it is not needed to have the history, then it is safe to remove all 'processed' raw items, all 'archived' canonical items, and all target items associated with a target system publication that is any status other than 'in progress'. These could be deleted or moved to a different archive schema in the database if required. The canonical items should usually be kept around until they are archived to allow merging of new information. We expect to publish some documentation around this topic in the near future.

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