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Database fields empty after creating a new (Crystal) Report in MSY

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I have some issues to use Crystal Reports in Mobile Sales Maintenance (MSY). The situation is as follows

My example is based on this standard report, which is working

Report Name: BPartnerActivities

Reporting Tool: Crystal Reports

Category: Standard reports

Subcategory: Lists

Report Type: Report

Data Source: Business Content provider

Business Content Provider: BPActivities

My requirement is to build a new report, which is based on the standard "BPartnerActivities" Report. If I use the "copy" functionality, I get an working Copy of the standard report. However, I need to modify the Business Content Provider, but I do not want to make the modifications on the standard content provider "BPActivities".

I am now forced to used the "copy" functionality to create a copy from "BPActivities" for my own Content Provider "My BPActivities copy", which I want to use in a new report.


I cannot modify the defined Business Content Provider after using the "copy" functionality and hence forced to create a new report from scratch to be able to set a different Content Provider.

I create my own report "MyBPartnerActivities" based on the standard report "BPartnerActivities" using the same settings and assign my new business content provider.

If I use the "Design Report" or "Modify Report" button, the Crystal Report designer pops up. Now the problem, the Crystal Report designer does not offer me any data below "Database fields".

In the standard report, the "Database fields" has a child element "BOACTIVITY-ttx" with several field options. My own created report from sratch does now have anything?!

Why my report does not offer my any data or is there anything additional to do?

Another Test

I tried to create another report using the standard content provider "BPActivities", but I have still the same issue.

In addition I recongized that the "browse data" fuctionality does not work on the fields in the standard report. The path to the database file does not exist. It starts with "C:\WINNT\...", but my system has "C:\WINDOWS\...". But the executed report is able to retriev the data?!

Unfortunately was not able to find any proper documentation, but I would really appreciate any help.



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It looks like that the *.ttx file is not uploaded/create to/on the MSY system. The system shows the file in the Crystal Report Designer, but there is no file on the file system. The confusing thing is, that any standard report is still working and does not really complain about a missing ttx file. I think the content of the ttx file is somehow embeded to the report.

Does someone know how the system should behave? Should a ttx file be automatically created & assigned to any new report or do I have to create the file by my own every time?



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Hi Andreas,

If you have created a new business query, then its necessary to

do a build of the application after generation.

So a rebuild of MSY (mobile system maintenance) is required.

Please check the below help document for details on mobile client application generation.

Best Regards,


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Thank you for your response. I think we found the issues, after I have done tests based on existing Content Providers. The issue is, that the system should create automatically TTX files on the local harddisk, but this never happens. At the moment, only standard reports work, because all required information from TTX files are embeded and hence no need for loading the file from the harddisk. However, if I create a new report, the system is forcing me to import me the TTX file to be able to assign the fields of the business objects to the report.

I was able to get everything working by manually writing a simple TTX file, but this is a awful work and actually not be required. Had someone the same experience?