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Hi experts

I have a probwem with the standard CRM_IC component. am new to IC

When i click on the "inbox" link on the navigation bar, i get the below error

View AuiItems.htm Cannot Be Displayed

An exception has occurredException Class CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR

Text: Source type \CLASS=CL_CRM_IC_AUIITEMS_CN02 is not compatible, for the purposes of assignment, with target type \CLASS=ZCL_CRM_IC_AUIITEMS_CN02

Program: CL_BSP_PAGE_BASE==============CP

Include: CL_BSP_PAGE_BASE==============CM014

Source Text Row:

The search view is loaded propery ,but for items view i get the above error. what is the cause of the problem?



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I am facing similar kind of problem.

When I try to preview page for AuiItems view in bsp component, the below error gets displayed :

Context generation failed in view AuiItems.htm

An exception has occurredException Class CX_BSP_INV_PAGE

Text: BSP Exception: Das Objekt in der URL /sap(bD1lbiZjPTIyMA==)/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ic_preview/ ist nicht gültig.

Program: CL_BSP_PAGE_BASE==============CP

Include: CL_BSP_PAGE_BASE==============CM01A

Source Text Row: 117

Kindly advice on how to fix this bug.

Thanks & Regards,


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Issue resolved. The Z component was referenig to standard implementation class.

Solution : Change the standard class name in Z component to Z class name as per the requirement.