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Customizing merge process

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Hi everybody.

I would like to implement some custom login with ABAP Code to customize SAP Marketing merging process when a contact is imported.

Days ago I asked SAP Support about that. We would like to implement this algorithm for example:

if new_contact.origin == 'CONSULTANT_*' and


//this function already_exists_contact searches if exists a contact with origin 'CONSULTANT_*',

//the same originID and (the same email or mobile number) as the contact which is being imported

contacts = get_already_existent_contacts(new_contact.originID,,

make_merge_between_all_those_contacts(new_contact, contacts)

SAP support answer was:


This is more a consulting query to judge if particular case can be achieved.

In this "Merge interaction contact" badi, the Changing Parameters IDENTIFIED_DUPLICATE is used to determine contacts to be merged.

If you want to do partly merge, you need to loop the wanted merge candidate keys into this table. Please check the in-app badi document and sample code for more details.


So your requirement on partly merge can be achieved, and you need to develop custom code to achieve it. Since this is more consulting query, I would like to help however it falls out of the support scope of SAP Product Support. On the other hand, SAP Consulting team can provide you better service on such topics, please reach out to them if needed.

So, please, can somebody help me to implement such custom logic in ABAP code ?

Thanks in advance!



From SAP support

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I want to achieve the same but the first interaction is just a transaction with digital card number. If I later on load the another contact with better informaiton like email, phone, etc...but with the same digital card number, is there a way to merge the information to the new loading contact?

Best Regards