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customize editorarea

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Hy experts.

I want to create a customize editor area and need an advice. What I want to do is:

I have this data when selecting an result.

In all this tabs I will have data from the selected entity but from other entities relationed. For example imagine I've selected an order. This order has a property which is a type of another entity linesOfOrder. This entity linesOfOrder has a property "product" which is a type of another entity "Product".

In this first tab "General" I want to show for example ordernumber, linesOfOrder id and product name. I know I need for each tab a custom render but I don't know how to show those inputs.

For this first tab I have:

 <editorArea:editorArea xmlns:editorArea="">
             <editorArea:tab name="">
                 <editorArea:section name="">
                     <editorArea:customPanel name="customTabGeneral" spring-bean="customGeneralRender">

How can I create entries for this information so user can see and modify if needed.

Thanx a lot. Regards.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Carlos,

It is doable. you can make use of Default Extended Multi Reference Editor in an editor area to show table like structure. The attributes which are not from the particular type or need some custom logic to evaluate, you can write custom renderer for the same.

Let us know once it is done, so that other can also make use of it.

For custom renderer, you can follow this link

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Hy thanks for your reply. I'll try to do that and if I get it works I'll let you know.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hy all.

I finally could see data of relationed entities using "marketplaceNestedAttributePanelRender"

 <editorArea:customPanel name="marketplacebackoffice.renderer" spring-bean="marketplaceNestedAttributePanelRenderer">
                         <editorArea:attribute qualifier="basicData.applicant" readonly="false" label=""/>
                         <editorArea:attribute qualifier="initiator" readonly="false" label=""/>
                         <editorArea:attribute qualifier="processContext.activeTasks" readonly="false" label=""/>

Only problem I have now it's that I can modify data but the save button is not getting active....

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you could add these fields as dynamic attributes to your type. Then simply configure the fields in Backoffice.

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Hy . Thanks for your reply. I've thought about that but I'd l ike to do that without using dynamic attributes since I have all data in relationed entities.

I want to do that because in project we have more then 10 entities relationes and don't want to add dynamic attributes to each one and find a way to use the relation between them.

Thanx a lot ;)