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Customer support Backoffice: duplicate refunds

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Hi Experts,

In CS bakcoffice, we have the Refund Line Items and Refund Amount options to refund the product. When we click on Refund line items, a popup window will appear where we can select product, qty and then submit button. After submit, it will invoke a refund business process and complete the refund.

The issue here is, when we try to refund the same product from different browser at the same time, it will call the Business process almost same time and doing the duplicate refund.

We have tried to restrict it by introducing a flag and checking to avoid duplicate entry. Unfortunately, it is still making duplicate refunds. Seems the Bunsiess process is Asynchronous.

Do you have any suggestions to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance


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Can you try setting this in

task.polling.interval.min =0

Also, are you running multiple nodes that are capable of task processing? If yes, it might be worth testing disabling the processing on one of the nodes


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leoryan ,

Thanks. I've tried with the above options by setting task.polling.interval.min =0 in and task.processing.enabled=true

I've tested after applying the above changes on my local. Still, im getting the duplicate refunds for a same order when I initiate refunds from different browsers.

There is an option to make Business process action as Synchronous(canJoinPreviousNode="true") which is not helping in my case.

Please let me know, If I would need to add any other additional steps to avoid duplicate refunds.