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Customer Feedback email via SAP CRM

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Hi Experts,

I have recieved a requirement to send automated customer feed back email when a agent finishes the call. Is there any SAP CRM standard functioanlity to do this or will i have to keep scanning Business activities to do this.

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello, Sap_IsuAbap .

I think that there is no such standard functionality out of the box.

But some variants (more standard or less) come to my mind at once.

- create a follow up transaction from interaction record manually, which in turn will trigger a personalized e-mail action; Other option is to trigger action with e-mail from IR itself;

- using IDI functionality create a rule which will send an e-mail on ContactFinished event. This sending action need to be implemented;

- subscribe to IC event 'ContactFinished' by own class and handle this event sending e-mail to an appropriate partner;

- using Marketing Recurring campaign create a target group 'clients which called us today' (or something similar) and send them this e-mail regularly.

Personally I prefer the last option.

Hope this will help.

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