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Customer 360* View in SAP C4C with S4 Hana

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Hello Team,

I am trying to integrate Customer 360* View in SAP C4C with S4 Hana, to do this I followed all steps mentioned in this blog – “

I have enabled this mashup ID SM00039 i.e. “S/4 HANA 360 Object Page” by entering URL.

Now I am facing two problems:

A) ‘Changed by’ in Mashup Authoring ID SM00039:

  • 1)I logged in to C4C tenant via PDI user:
  • I entered the URL by edit URL.
    When URL is entered by PDI User considering named ‘XYZ’ the ‘changed by’ name in mashup authoring is “XYZ”.
  • 2)Now I logged in to C4C Tennent via functional user:
  • The ‘changed by’ is getting updated correctly for functional users.
    For ex: if change by is having “XYZ”, so when I entered the URL in mashup authoring by functional user the ‘changed by’ gets changed to functional user.
    however this change is only reflected to functional users , but technical users are not able to see updated changes in ‘change by’ value.
  • For ex: Now I Again logged in to c4c tenant by PDI user “XYZ” but PDI user Still showing “XYZ” in ‘changed by’.
  • Note: I also checked this all by incognito window.

B) Action -> Customer 360* view:

1) After entering URL “Customer 360* View” is only visible to PDI user

But not on functional user:

why am I getting this type of issue. Can anyone please help me over this.

-Thank you
Pratik Shekokar.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Active Contributor
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Hi pratikshekokar,

Recently (after 2005 upgrade) we encountered similar issue - one day the link to Customer 360* View simply disappeared. As the result we raised an incident to SAP.

In response we received following information from SAP Support Team.

In response to your issue, we completed a correction/addition to your software. After we have completed a detailed test phase we will implement this correction to your system and test the functionality again. We will immediately inform you after we completed all these steps. We estimate
the implementation to take place on your system on the : June, 22nd 2020 

After few days SAP support team realized that making us wait till end June (incident raised on 04.05.2020) is not the best idea and the correction was deployed to our system on 12.05.2020 - now the issue is gone and the link is visible again.

External reference to the incident we raised is 296842/2020.



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Hello ziolkowskib

Your reply is really helpful to me, now I am sure about, that the problem is not because of missing configuration.
Thanks a lot,

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Nikhil,
Thank you for your reply.
I checked all these restrictions in adaptation mode as well in business roles restriction. but didn't find any solution. is there anything I am missing.
Thank you,

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Hi Pratik,

Did you check if the action is marked as visible for specific business role?