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Custom Tile on Home page. Can we make a selection through parameters?

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Dear Colleagues,

I'm wondering about standard tool "My Tasks" on Home page.

And my goal to bring something similar but with my own selection applied (defined in master layout). Let's say "My Urgent Tasks" which should navigate to Tasks list and apply a selection filtering out only Urgent priority tasks (query/variant for this has been created).

It'd be great to make it look similar to standard one (with numbers . But at least to have similar navigation (to particular WCView with same selection applied). So far I succedeed to make it to navigate to particuler WCview. But wondering how to pass particular selection to apply after the navigation performed.

Any ideas are welcomed.

To make a navigation worked I created a custom tile in adaptation mode and choosed Floorplan type. Then I set Path to "/BYD_COD/SalesOnDemand/Activities/Task/UI/COD_Task.WCVIEW.uiwocview".

I know that we can embeed custom report. But this is something different and should look like a "tool" to navigate into OWL.

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Hello Andrei,

Did you ever find out how to achieve navigation to a predefined search in OWL? If yes, could you please share the solution?

Thanks, Alexandra

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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And here the current solution (yeah, it was long time):

DIY Home Page Card

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