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Custom B2BAcceleratorAuthenticationProvider is not getting invoked from my custom addon

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Hello Experts, I have created my custom addon to override functionality of B2BAcceleratorAuthenticationProvider. But its not getting called , could you please help me to resolve this.

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Answers (2)

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Hi, Please make sure you have the following file in your custom addon: /myStoreb2bacceleratoraddon/resources/myStoreb2bacceleratoraddon/web/spring/myStoreb2bacceleratoraddon-spring-security-config.xml

and in that make sure you have the following configuration like:

         ref="myCustomb2bAcceleratorAuthenticationProvider" />

And make sure you are loading this spring configuration file from your custom addon file (/myStoreb2bacceleratoraddon/


And more important thing is if you have custom token then make sure in your custom authentication provider u have following method like:

     public boolean supports(final Class<?> authentication) {
         return MyCustomerAuthenticationToken.class.isAssignableFrom(authentication);