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custom addon controller url path is not recognizing?

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We have created a custom addon and created a controller on it. But when we are making a web service call from postman. Its returning 404 Not found. Its not able to find the URL. I have followed the following steps.

1. used the ant extgen command and yaddon template to create the custom addon(trainingaddon).

2. I have created a controller in acceleratoraddon/web/src location and added the controller base package in trainingaddon-web-spring.xml file

  <context:component-scan base-package=""/>


@RequestMapping(value = "/oci/xml/setup", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String handleSetUpRequest(@RequestBody OciSetupRequest reqObject)


3.We make a webservice call from postman, But it is not recognizing the URL(/oci/xml/setup).

Something is missing to recognize the controller with specified path. Can you please help me on this.

If provide the sample code will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

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i also tried addon concept for storefront customisation but it returns 404 for addon page path ;