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CRM Sales Order Item Status Does Not match R/3 Item Status

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The status of the CRM sales order item is being set to 'In Process' when the related R/3 sales order line item status is set to 'Complete' - when, the delivery quantity is zero for the sales order item. This happens when the warehouse can't find the stock to pick - the delivery quantity is set to zero. Thus, the CRM order item status does not agree with the R/3 order item status. We need for the line item status to be set to 'Complete' in CRM. Anyone have an idea as to how to make this happen?

Thanks you.

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Hi Peter,

If you are referring to the CRM statuses controlled by status profile configuration, this is not integrated with R/3 status management.

However, regarding the delivery and billing status, seperate fields available in the status tab which are integrated with R/3.

Hope this what you need...


Suresh Venukadasula

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Hi Peter and Suresh,

From the information provided I understand that the sales order created in CRM after replication to R/3 has some status change.

1. What are the fields which are updated in R/3 for the sales order created in CRM ?

2. If sales order fields are updated in R/3 are these updates reflected back to CRM?

3. If they are reflected back in CRM? Is there still flexibility for sales order to be changed in CRM and replicated back to R/3?

Can you please share you experiences.. Any help is highly appreciated.



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Hi all,

what is the scenario where you need to update some information in R/3. Can you please share the information.