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CRM-PCUI-Marketing Plan Template & Document Attachment

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In SAP GUI, we can create templates for Marketing Plans which can then be used to create a new Marketing Plan easily. Is this functionality avaialble in PCUI? I saw the PCUI Marketing Planning Screen, but there is not template button (as in SAP GUI). I was thinking of a way go around (Using the Copy functionality instead). But seems this copy functionality works only for Marketing Elements (Copy one Marketing Element from one Plan & Insert into the other Plan). Even this has some problems. Anyways, our interest is to copy a whole Marketing Plan.

So, my question is...Is the functionality of Templates available in PCUI? Does the PCUI has the functionality to copy the whole Marketing Plan and create a new one intead of just copying Marketing Element & inserting it into another Marketing Plan?

Any help on this would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance....

Raj K

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As far as I know in CRM 4.0 PCUI Marketing Planner does not support Templates. It does however support document attachements(attachments tab). This requires extra configuration in the CRM IMG for it to work, it's actually a little tricky and differs slightly based on your SAP Portal version. You have to goto "SICF" and create aliases for WEBDAV and CONTENTSERVER with userIds hard-coded into these aliases(system IDS).

Then in the IMG you must configure this WEBDAV Service, goto SPRO-> 'Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Content Management -> Define Alias for MS Office Integration in the Portal Interface'. Specify the alias from the F4 Help Drop down box, there will only be one available.