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crm_order_save throws an error in a commit

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I have this problem n hope someone came across such one...

We are using CRM 5.0, IC. we have a custom FM for all the calls to be diverted and to maintain order as a wrapper and the steps to the problem as follows -

1) create a sales order - each event triggers this custom FM we created

2) when the event is SAVE - the order is maintained (also order save is called) and commited...

3) after commiting a xml is generated and the saved data is sent over to another third party system.

4) upon successful sent - we generate a third party's order number which is a combination of CRM sales order number

5) this is maintained in External Reference field using the CRM_SALES_MAINTAIN_OW

6) CRM_OREDR_SAVE is called and transaction is commited. - but the value is not maintained.....

during the 5th step i get a dump in the system - SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC.

All these steps are done in one single call to SAVE the order from the interface.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Shailaja Gandam,

I am having the same error.

But for me its a little diferent.

The error only occurs when I'm saving more then 2 objects, then on second order it try to save a guid from the previous loop step.

I clean every objects on beginning of the loop, but its not working.

I think its buffers or someting like it

Have you solved your problem?

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I think the reason for the error is that its creating a duplicate record .

so also save the key field or any other unique field in order to make that unique , there by you can avoid this error.