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CRM marketing and service web page

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Hi All

I am new to SAP CRM 2007

after reading SAP help and manuals i have configured and launched the web with following optons

BSP Application: CRM_UI_FRAME

Description: WebClient UI

Start page: default.htm

I am getting screen which contains nodes related to sales only.

why am not getting the nodes related to marketing and service?

Do i need to configure or use different BSP for marketing and service?

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Answers (2)

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1- transaction PPOMA_CRM

2- select relevant org unit

3-menu -> goto-> detail object

4-add a business role (i.e marketingpro)

5-ensure your user is linked to this org unit

Suggest reading if you can't understand this.



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Hi there,

You can assign the business role against an organisation unit (transaction PPOMA_CRM). From memory it is goto->detail object in the top screen menu.

Then assign your user to the org unit. This is the best way as then you can work with as many as you like.

Another way to force it to one particular business role is by assign a user parameter. Search for parameter (CRMUI) as can't remember off the top of my head. Assign the required business role.



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now i got the reason why i have this problem , however i am not finding the reason why it is happening

my user has all roles and transactions assigned ( marketing, sales and service)

I can see all transactions in GUI

in web i can see only sales because in the organizational unit > function tab > sales is selected

so i am seeing only sales related nodes in the web.

I changed this to marketing and saved. the change is not getting saved again going back to sales.

any idea why this happens?