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CRM - How to hide or disable screen buttons on transaction CRMD_ORDER

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I'm using the standard CRM transaction CRMD_ORDER for Business Transaction creation inside ChaRM.

I have partially modified the screen layout using customizing ("Set Up Screen Sequence Control") and transaction variant ("SHD0"), but I'm not able to disable or hide some of the buttons that appear on the top-left part of the screen "0100" of the program "SAPLCRM_1O_MANAG_UI" between the menu toolbar and the tabstrips: I'm referring to buttons like "Create Transaction", "Copy Business Transaction", "Create Foll.-Up Transaction", ...

Debugging the CRMD_ORDER transaction I found that, for example, the button "Create Transaction" is added to the screen through the execution of the module "init_toolbar_create" inside screen "7160" in the FG "CRM_1O_UI", but I didn't find an exit or badi that allows to change the status of that button.

Could you please help me on finding the way to disable or hide some of those buttons?

Thank you very much,


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Hey Massimo,

I think you can try and deactivate menu functions.

How to do this ??

1) Go to SHD0, Enter your transaction variant and click on change.

2) Now click on menu functions button on the application bar

3) on the pop up, Enter the Prog name as SAPLCRM_1O_MANAG_UI and

Menu function as 1O_manag and 1O_manag_new.

4) deactivate relevant Menu functions and function key settings.

I have not tried disabling these fields as i felt its needless.

If the user does not have authorizaritions to create business transaction, he cannot create even if he\she tries to create through these buttons you mentioned.

One more thing, you cannot deactivate buttons like workflows or actions worklist, as these are user specific settings.

The user can change it using button "Settings" on the application bar. ON clicking this button, and navigating to the object service, the user has the option of enabling\disabling certain fields.

i still feel that you dont need to disable this fields because it can be controlled through authorization.

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Revert for any clarification.

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Hi Suzzanne,

I tried almost everything to hide those particular buttons. The only way is to use GuiXT scripts. But, as you suggested, I think it'is better to work on authorization.

I will leave those buttons visible and control the associated actions through authorization.

Thanks a lot,