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CRM Campaigns that have changed in their status field during the day

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Hi All,

Can somebody advise on how can I find the campaigns that have changed during today and the change has been on the status field of the CRM campaign. I.e. what fields on what tables would have the status information and how to retrieve the same in ABAP code.

e.g. say a campaign has been set to CANCELLED or REJECTED or APPROVED status from the earlier status say DRAFT status of the campaign.

( Note : I tried FM CRM_STATUS_READ but that doesn't help directly as I am intrested in fincfing out about camapigns that have changed such that there status has been update during the day)



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kulmohan,

This can be achived by using FM <b>CRM_STATUS_READ_MULTI</b> with importing parameter GET_CHANGE_DOCUMENTS = X. Then look back at the table paremeter ("exporting") <b>JCDS_TAB</b>. You will find the time stamp of the change (fields: UDATE + UTIME + USNAM (user)) as well as the changed status (field: STAT).

With a READ statement on exporting table JCDS_TAB you can easily find it.

<u>Note</u>: Change Document is the log in which every changes are written, it is also known as Change History. To first need to ensure that Change Document is active for Campaign.

<u>For this check the IMG customizing</u>:

<i>Customer Relationship Management->Marketing->Marketing Planning and Campaign Management->General Settings->Activate Change Documents for Marketing Projects</i>


Alain Gauthier

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Many thanks, Points assigned for guiding in the righ direction

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