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CRM 5.0 - IC WebClient - BSP Error due to no Escape Character

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Hi Gurus

I'm working through the Consultants Cookbook for Interaction Center (IC) Webclient CRM 5.0 SP03.

I'm having a huge problem with the CRM_IC.xml in my customers namespace.

My customers namespace is /XYZ/.

Therefore when I try to modify the CRM_IC/xml file I'm hitting errors because the replacement Include file name is being determined incorrectly.

<%@include file="..//<b>XYZ/CRM_IC_DT_REP</b>/CRM_IC_All_Viewsets.xml" %>

/XYZ/CRM_IC_DT_REP needs to be viewed as one value.

What escape characters should I use to resolve this.

An example would be appreciated greatly

Max points for the right answer.

Many Thanks


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Answers (2)

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Thank you Joost.

Not the answer I was looking for, but the asnwer I was expecting.


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Hello Kumar,

We encountered exactly the same problem a while ago.

We have found no solution for this since the /cust_name/ is considered as a physical directory path rather that a customer namespace definition.

We had to recreate everything in the Z/Y namespace...

Hope it helps,