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Creating Trigger Data using personalizationwebservices Extension

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In the last part of the trail, while creating a new Trigger. If i try to run the cURL command curl --insecure --verbose --header "Authorization: Bearer fcd0e4aa-0226-4668-96ff-8a5281e2154e" --header "Content-Type: application/json" https://localhost:9002/personalizationwebservices/v1/catalogs/electronicsContentCatalog/catalogVersi... --request POST --data '{"type" : "userGroupTriggerData","code" : "newUserGroupTrigger"}'

where fcd0e4aa-0226-4668-96ff-8a5281e2154e is the token I am getting an output as (refer image)

"errors" : [ { "message" : "Access token expired: fcd0e4aa-0226-4668-96ff-8a5281e2154e", "type" : "InvalidTokenError" } ]

Link for the trail :

Can anyone help me find a solution to this. Thanks

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It looks like your token got expired, can you generate a new token and try with that.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to generate fresh token and pass to your request. As every token has validity.

Thanks, Jayant

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