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Creating action button schedule condition

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Hi guys,

Does anybody know if it is possible to create a formula as a action button schedule condition?

We need something like this:

&CRM Business Activity.System Status& u2260 I1005

and &Current Date + Time& + 2 = &Planned Date&

Reading this condition means: If status is not completed and current date + 2 day is equals to planned date then execute the action.

The problem is, we could not find a way to add 2 days to the current date.

The configuration we are talking about is:

IMG->CRM->Basic Functions->Actions->Actions in Transaction->Change Actions and Conditions->Define Conditions.

Any help is welcome.



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No, I don't think yo can write formula in the condition editor. How I did it was define another date type (e.g. TODAY + 2 day) in the date profile that ties to a date rule which do the calculation. Then make comparison in the schedule condition.

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Peng, thanks for your reply.

Might be a good idea.

I will try it.