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Creating a Target Group directly via Corporate Accounts w. Contact Persons

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Dear all,

I created a Target Group that contains contact persons directly. Assigning the target Group to a campaign and setting the B2B Flag I get as an result the contact persons with the corporate Accounts and the address data for sending letters (via open channel)

In case the Target Group is created directly via the Corporate accounts and Relationships of Contact Persons the generated file for Address Data has no contact person`s but only the Corporate Accounts.

In Best Practices for CRM V1.2007 (C39 Lean Campaign Management) is written:

"In case your target group contains contact persons directly, not via the corporate account, you have the option to choose between a B2C (inactivated B2B flag) or a B2B (activated B2B flag) contact."


"In case your target group contains directly corporate accounts, always address in the Main Address and Communication Data of the corporate accounts, not of the contact persons will be contacted,

no matter if the B2B flag is activated or not."

So (if I understand this in right way) it should be possible to create a target Group directly via Corporate Accounts using an Infoset that has also Fields for Relationsships to Contact Person`s and as an Result get the Organizations with the Contact Persons and the Addressdata (Mainaddress)

I tried nearly all Infosets.In any case Target Groups created via Person`s work, created via Corporate Accounts (as described before) do not work.

A solution would be SAP Note 810557 (Userexit for targetgroup copy with Action), but is that the only way?

Thanks and regards,


My problem is: I have assigned an Marketing Attribute Group only to Corporate Accounts, not to Persons. Now I want to create a Target Group via the Attributes of the Organizations and create an export file (for a letter in an campaign) for the Organizations and the Contacts Persons of the Organizations with the selected Relationships and Partnerfunctions. A Solution would be to assign the Marketing Attribute Group also to the Person`s but this would not be correct because the Marketing Attributes affect only the Organization`s (Type 2 in BUT000) and not the Person`s (Type 1 in BUT000)

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Hello Andreas,

since CRM 5.0 it is possible to create target groups containing Organizations with Relations and Contact Persons.

So if you use the Infoset CRM_MKTTG_BP_PRTFUNC_REL you can fill the target group with all the necessary information.

This should be a solution for your problem.