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Create Doc Flow Link between CRM Opportunity to ERP Quotation

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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to create a document flow link from Opportunity to ERP Quotation. The document link shall be shown in the Transaction History section of Opportunity. Standard SAP allow link between Opportunity to ERP Quotation via "Create Follow-Up" but in my case, I need to link Opportunity to an already exist ERP Quotation in ECC.

So far, I'd manage to create a link on Opportunity to be shown on Transaction History by using CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN by inserting the details of link in CT_DOC_FLOW. However, in CRM web UI, when I click on the ERP Quotation number, instead of redirecting to ERP Quotation page, error occured with page not found. I went in ECC to check on the ERP Quotation but there was no Doc Flow for link back to CRM Opportunity.

Based on scenario of "Create Follow-Up", I'd tried inserting a Doc Flow to table VBFA using FM RV_DOCUMENT_FLOW_UPDATE_U but still nothing turn up on DocFlow of the Quotation in VA23. The link in CRM Web UI > Opportunity > Transaction History to link to ERP Quotation still does not work.

I was wondering if anyone had came about the same scenario and could share your solution?

Thanks in advance



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