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Create Case in IC WEB, no value to select from

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In IC Web (CRM 4.0), the field Create Case is at the bottom of the CASE screen with the "Go" icon. My issue is there is no value to identify which type of case to create and therefor I can't create a case.

In the IMG the standard cases exist plus 1 I added, I can't find anywhere on how to link these so they show in the IC on the create Case.

C_01 Incident Tracking

C_02 Dispute Case

Z_01 Service Travel

despite SAP help saying basic config already exist, (and I attended CR410) I can't see what I am missing. I did assign these to number ranges but I am stuck.

will award points.

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Found an authorization object was missing, that enabled the case types to show but hitting the GO button brought a page that can not be viewed in IE. on to the next hurdle..........

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