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Create a segmentation profile based on interactions

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Hi Experts,

We are using SAP Marketing On-premise 1809 version.

We are trying to create a segmentation profile based out of interactions to create target group and send campaign with personalization capabilities. While using Class - CL_CUAN_INTERACTION_SEGMENT not able to assign 2 key fields - CUAN_INTERACTION and CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT.



Error - Segmentation object ZSO_POC2, consumer class CL_CUAN_INTERACTION_SEGMENT: Number of keys differ (2/1) (GSEG/032)

We also tried using the Class - CL_CUAN_OBJECT_IC_SEGMENTATION and assigned 2 key fields as per the Note - 2895321, but we are getting error as shown below.

Error: Segmentation object ZSO_POC3, consumer class CL_CUAN_OBJECT_IC_SEGMENTATION: Number of keys differ (2/3) (GSEG/032)

Please let us know if On-premise allow you to segmentation based on interaction key and create target group which can be used for EMAIL/SMS communication with personalization features(Interaction fields).


Deepu Pankaj

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For 1809 On-Premise version we have standard interaction segment class(CL_CUAN_INTERACTION_SEGMENT) that can be copied to a custom class and make necessary changes to method - IF_GSEG_CONSUMER~CHECK_OBJECT_KEY and assign this custom class to respective segmentation object to enable this functionality.

Code snippet is as shown below.

method if_gseg_consumer~check_object_key.

rt_object_key = value #( ( ot_key_data_type = 'VARBINARY'

ot_key_len = 16 )

( ot_key_data_type = 'VARBINARY'

ot_key_len = 16 ) ).



Deepu Pankaj

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Deepu,

in 1809 on-prem there is only support for 1 or 3 segmentation object keys out-of-the-box.

In a later version (I believe 2020 - but not sure) it should be possible to also have 2 segmentation object keys with the consumer class CL_CUAN_OBJECT_IC_SEGMENTATION out-of-the-box.

In on-premise it is possible to just create a custom consumer class inheriting from standard, which allows to add any needed number and type of segmentation object keys.

Side-note: Do you really need interaction key and interaction contact key?

  • If you want to send emails via scheduled campaign execution, you need the interaction contact key. The interactions could be filtered also just based on the segmentation model rules - see - potentially with this approach you can avoid the need for the second segmentation object key "Interaction"
  • If you want to use the target group as filter target group in a campaign (trigger-based or within follow-up triggers) then it would be sufficient to have the "Interaction" as segmentation object ley

I hope this helps.

Thanks & regards,