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Create a marketing target list from a report

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Hi Community,

I am having some difficulties in creating a marketing target list from a custom report.

I manage to create a target from an existing report (ex : account with open opportunities). Yet I don't manage to create a report which results will be used to create a target list (ex : accounts for which the sum of the orders in 2014 is below a 100k€).

Can anyone help me? Is there something I am mission in the report creation to make it possible?

Many thanks



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear François,

in order to create a target group from standard report "Account with open opportunities" you should open the report, click on results tab and then click on "Export all Account to new Target Group".

Is not possible to do it for all standard reports, this functionality is available only for specific reports. The functionality is not available for new custom reports.


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Thank you Andrei.

Yes I perfectly managed to export the accounts from this specific report to create a target group. My issue was more regarding custom reports, for which you answered.

Do you eventually know the reports for which the functionality is available?

Best regards

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