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Copy routine for opportunity

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Hi All,

When I  click on Copy of opportunity button, New opportunity should take some data from  old opportunity . For this I have implemented the BADI CRM_COPY_BADI with filter value OPPT.

Also configured as per the below thread .

But still when do debugs , it is not going into debugg mode when I do copy of the opportunity.

Please help me this.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ajayram,

If you have done all the necessary configuration settings, it should work. When you say it does not stop in debug mode, which method of the BAdI are you setting a breakpoint into? I didn't go through the SDN link you've mentioned but I see that it mentions something about DOC_FLOW. In case you are expecting the debugger to stop in method DOC_FLOW of the BAdI, then it won't happen because you are copying an Opportunity here and not creating a follow-up document. Document flow entry is created only when you create a follow-up from one transaction to another.

I hope you have done the Copy Control configuration settings in IMG and also maintained the filter value for your combination of source and target transaction types.

SPRO > Customer Relationship Management > Transactions > Basic Settings > Copying Control for Business Transactions



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When you set a breakpoint in class CL_EXITHANDLER method GET_INSTANCE you should be able to see which badis are called. Maybe it is even no transaction type OPPT but a custom transaction type.

Best regards,

Thomas Wagner