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Contacts are not removing automatically in Outlook through add-in

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Hi Team,

We have downloaded contacts from C4C to outlook through C4C add-in. Here the scenario is: I have downloaded contacts when i was the owner for the territory A. Now i have moved to the territory B. I am expecting to show only territory B Account related contacts. But in outlook C4C contacts folder i can see Territory A related contacts as well. I have enabled "Keep Contacts Synchronized" check box as well.

Could you any one please provide us the solution to delete territory A related contacts.

Thanks in advance !!

Best Regards,


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Answers (1)

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Hello Anil,

While you still have access to contacts in C4C they won't be deleted from Outlook, even though you are now part of a different territory.

One solution could be to delete the contacts from Outlook C4C folder, so it will download again only the ones you want.