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Consultant's Cookbook for WebIC relevant to CRM 2007?

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We will be installing CRM 2007. I'm looking for a good IC Webclient cookbook, but the only document I found on SAP's site is Consultant's Cookbook For IC for CRM 5.0 SP03. This appears to have alot of good information. Can anyone tell me if this information is still relevant for CRM 2007? I couldn't find any similar type cookbook for CRM 2007.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The cookbook will give you a "sneak peak" of the underlying technologies, however you will need to get the cookbook for the new release. The best way to do this is purchase the 2006s OKP material from SAP. Most of the material in the 2006s cookbook will apply for 2007 with some differences between the releases.

The good part of the 50 cookbook is you will see how some of the underlying components of the new UI were built. When you compare how the 40/50 release works with the new one, you will be asking why didn't they make this easy soon.

The best part of the new 52 compared to the older technology, is that you don't have to edit HTML to configure the screen layouts like in 40. You still have all the concepts of the context with nodes and the whole GENIL/BOL layers.

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