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condition field not mapped to CRM

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hi Experts,

In CRM we need to map KDKGR field, which is used as a condition field

in table 901 in R/3, access sequence ZPR0. This field in the R/3

sequence access is related with KDKG1 field in the field catalog.

We have followed the steps from note "514952 Download of

customer-specific tables”, and added field KDKG1 to the field catalog,

and then we created the entry in structure xxx, after that, we added an

entry for the field mapping in view xxxx; but when we make the initial

download for object DNL_CUST_CNDALL, the associated field to access 901

appears with no value in it for the table and field sources or with no

value in it field name.

Sap recomended us to implement the /sapcnd/rollname Badi for this

dataElement, in order to display the condition records which are

transferred from R/3 for tables.

How can we do this? What is the procedure for it?

Thanks for help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Cristina,

I assume that with all the activity you have done you can see the corresponding table in CRM which should be generated by downloading the ojbect DNL_CUST_CNDALL. If that is correct then you just have to create an adaptor object for the table 901 i.e DNL_COND_A901 (Reffer to the best practice guide for how to create adaptor object, and if you don't have best practice guide let me know) and load it to CRM. you should see the data in the CRM table.

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Best regards,


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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everything helpful.

Finally, we could solve the problem on another way.

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Hi Cristina,

Link contains example to code a badi..

Best Regards,

Pratik Patel

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If I have understood correctly SAP is recomending to implement a Badi, via SE19.

Run TR SE18 sapcnd/rollname to see definition of Badi. Then you have to run TRX code SE19 in order to create your Z exit to fill your field.

I don't know if you are a functional or technical consultant. You have just to pay attention at the moment in which the Badi is called. So analyze methods associated, and over the proper one put your code.

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