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Complex organizational structure replication model

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Hi experts!

We have a complicated system landscape including ECC with HR, ECC with FS-BP and CRM 7.0 systems. Organizational model maintained on the ECC with HR module site, then replicated via ALE to another ECC instance. The question is, whether it possible to add another tier in Org. Model replication scheme, linking together ECC with FS-BP and CRM (ECC HR -> ECC FSBP -> CRM).

Thanks for attention

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I am unable to understand your requirement. However, I can give the details of what standard proceedures followed to download org structures to CRM.

There are basically two ways of setting up to organization model in CRM. One is to manually create the organizational model in CRM and map the units to the SD sales units in ERP.

The other is to replicate an existing organizational model from an ERP/HR system.

Kindly be noted if you are using both the methods then you should take care of the number ranges for org model in each type(SD and HR). Make sure you have mapped different number ranges for SD sales org replication and HR Org model replication. Otherwise sales org details will be overwritten in CRM!!!

Please refer the following notes for more information.

548202 - Setup of CRM org. structure

1259797 - EIC-ALE download of employees,ERP to CRM-Information note on how to download company code and logical system for employees.

312090 - Integration HR - EBP/CRM

550055 - Integration of HR master data (organizational model and employee) with the business partner (in the roles of employee and organizational unit).

Also, kindly refer the related notes, you will get the required info.

Hope this helps!

Regards, Chethan

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Thank you, Chethan. I will read those notes.

My question, as simple as possible. Can we do the following:

1) Replicate Org. data from ERP HR to ERP FS-BP using standard

2) Then replicate Org. data from ERP FS-BP to CRM using standard?

Please note, that Org. data is maintained on ERP HR site only.

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