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Completed Activities - Allowing Edit or Re-open

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Can anyone help

We have a requirement to 'Open' or 'Edit' COMPLETED activities. We have a situation where I need to delete a number of duplicated BPs, before i can do this I need to change the activities from one to the other, I am unable to do this as I can't edit the completed activities to change the ACTIVITY PARTNER

Is there somewhere in config where you can allow edit function within this status???

Kind Regards


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Hi Barry,

Even though you cannot achive this there is one work around to go abt this...

1. You implement ORDER_SAVE BADI in BEFORE_SAVE ...

2. Get the User Status of the Activity using CRM_STATUS_READ_OW and check if the Activity is COMPLETED...

3. If its completed, DELETE the Duplicate BPs which ever is required as per ur requirement.

4. And now try to Save the ORDER with the same COMPLETED Status.

There is another way to acheive this using WORKFLOW concept..

Hope this shud defintely solve ur problem..


Reward if it helps..