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Common issues while offering support on C4C.

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Hello Experts,

I am new to C4C, currently trying to see what it can offer and working on configuring a test system.

As a support consultant I am curious what kind of issues can happen and would need support afterwards.

A list of encountered issues or requests would be very helpful.

Thank you.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Elena Hutanu

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Hello Elena,

1.As new to C4C, I will suggest you to logon via Silverlight and click on 'Help Center' and check hyperlink "Help Portal".

=>It will help and gives you detail overview on Whats New/User Guide/Admin Guide etc..

2.Also you can check "Make SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Better" (Idea Forum) ,which is below 'Help Center' option .

Best Regards,

Ankush Pashine

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Hello Ankush,

Thank you for your reply, those are helpful links.

I have the User/Admin Guide and check the newly updates periodically.

Didn't knew about the "make it better " option though.

I was wondering maybe you can help me out also with a few encountered issues or requirements while offering support for a client.

Do you have any info in that direction?

Thank you.

Best regards,


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Hello Elena ,

I would suggest to Use those Guideline for having better understanding on the Product .Meanwhile if you/client face any issue you can report another thread for it which expert can response OR you can report incident to SAP .

Hope this help and answer your query .



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Part of Support on C4C Projects, there could be several kind of issues users may raise which a support consultant has to support:

  • General query on usage of any of the functionality in C4C by a user.
  • System throwing unexpected exception on execution of a certain step/navigation to some screen, etc.
  • Set up of workflow/email notification rules.
  • If any enhancement has been done, there could be support queries on that enhancement part as well.
  • There could be user request to enable additional functionality.
  • Report/Dashboard related issues, New Report/Dashboard creation queries.
  • Change requests from the Business.
  • Incident management for end user - Incidents raised using the C4C Incident management tool - Support has to resolve those queries and if they cannot then liaise with SAP Cloud support team to have a fix for any issue raised by the user community.
  • Be the central point of contact between end user and SAP cloud support team.

There could be many other type of queries based on what has been implemented for the customer and what kind of agreement is in place between the Support vendor and the Customer.

Hope this gives you some insights.



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Thank you Ankur for the details.