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I have created a workflow template(not adhoc template), assigned to user with all workflow access rights and also added user in Visible for principals. But i couldn't see workflow tab in Cms cokpit. I have done same setting for workflow for products and I can see workflow tab in product cockpit.

Please suggest what is missing?


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Hi Niko, you are right, that "CMSWorkflowSection" is missing in cmscockpit-catalog-perspective.xml but exist for ProductWorkflowSection in productcockpit-web-spring.xml

1) I have added the the first code snippet you send in cmscockpit-catalog-perspective.xml. 2) added in below existing code. Is this all required. I am still not able to see the workflow tab

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Hi Rajni!

Normally, the workflow section should also be available in the CMS cockpit - just like it is for the product cockpit. However, it might be that the section is not implemented for the cockpit at all yet. For this, I would like you to investigate if this is the issue that you have and the following should fix your issue:

  1. Go to: cmscockpit (extension) > resources > cmscockpit > cmscockpit-catalog-perspective.xml

  2. In this file, search for a bean named 'CMSWorkflowSection'. If it does not exist, add it in:

      <bean id="CMSWorkflowSection" class="de.hybris.platform.cockpit.components.navigationarea.NavigationPanelSection" scope="prototype">
             <property name="localizedLabel" value="navigationarea.workflow"/>
             <property name="visible" value="true"/>
             <property name="renderer">
                 <bean class="de.hybris.platform.cockpit.components.navigationarea.renderer.WorkflowSectionRenderer">
  3. This WorkflowSectionRenderer needs to be added to the different area/perspective in the CMS cockpit. Please add it to your catalog area:

      <bean id="defaultCatalogNavigationArea" class="de.hybris.platform.cmscockpit.session.impl.CatalogNavigationArea" scope="session" parent="CatalogNavigationArea">
             <property name="sections">
                 <list merge="true">
                     <ref bean="CMSWorkflowSection"/>

If you don't have the two code snippets in this file, please add them and the workflow section should be available in your catalog area/perspective in the CMS cockpit then.

Certainly, you will have to run ant clean all and restart your server after.

Please ensure that you also have the extra workflow template for your logged in user. (Add them in the list of visibleForPrincipals of your workflow template.)

I hope that helps!

Best regards