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Cloud for Customer Tenant Architecture

Hello Community,

at our company we already have a C4C Test-Tenant as well as a Prod-Tenant for our first project.

The characteristic of this project is that we have a specific customizing and we reinterpreted some objects (for example we took the contracts for campaign data and customers for some vendors, because there are some very specific processes).

Now we have a new project for a different subsidiary. This project is very different compared to the prior project. The reinterpretation won't be needed for this new project. Firs we want to create a Proof-of-Concept for this project. So, we are wondering which would be a good Tenant-Architecture for this purpose? It is possible to integrate the new project into the existing landscape? Can there be more than one Productive-Tenant in one landscape or do we need a new landscape?

What would be the best solution for this purpose? Which Tenant-Architecture can you recommend to me?

Thank you!

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Hi, Benedikt Staudt, maybe I could use the current test tenant for the proof of concept. If you use a new role and another organizational structure you should not have problems.

Best regard!


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Thank you, Diamila Rosa de la Teja!

Is it possible to create a new separate Implementation Project in the existing Test Tenant, so that we can switch to the old Implementation Project to recover the prior scoping after the PoC will be finished? Or is it better to change the whole scoping and then copy the solution profile from Prod Tenant to the Test Tenant?

Thank you! Best regards