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ClassificationPropertyValueProvider in v5.4

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after migrating from 4.8 to 5.4 I experience some problems with the ClassificationPropertyValueProvider which does not provide any values for configured classification features anymore.

It seems that this Provider fetches the feaures by loading the FeatureContainer:

 FeatureContainer cont = FeatureContainer.load((Product) this.modelService.getSource((ProductModel) model));

After debugging into that I found out that the container is only loading the obsolete "Untyped Features". All correct "Typed Features" are missing. Then I tested the following method which is used inside of FeatureContainer#load


And I saw that the result is always empty. I assume that this could be the problem of the incorrectly loaded features, but I do not know why the classification classes could not be retrieved?

Is there any kind of "extra/new configuration" related to classifications in hybris 5.4?


So, I think I am a little bit closer to the problem now. By digging deeper in to the method


I could see that the method


does no provide ClassificationClasses here, although these classes are referenced correctly as supercategories - which can be checked in the hmc as well.

Maybe anyone had similar problems when migrating hybris to 5.x?

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After talking to the hybris support about this issues, they have (more or less;-) confirmed that this is a bug. The only workaround is to use the CommerceClassificationPropertyValueProvider as it is or overwrite it.

We ended up in overriding the CommerceClassificationPropertyValueProvider to our needs.